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What this is

Just a note about what this journal actually is.

I have a livejournal, or had one anyways, for years. It was good fun and you could say sarcastic stuff to your friends and have a laugh and be a dumbass and fool around and it was all good. However, it never lent me any kind of personal satisfaction, knowing that I was constantly limiting myself to what I wanted my friends to know about me. That's not saying I lie to my friends, I just don't want to subject them to every excruciating detail about my personal life that they most likely (except for the most voyeuristic of them) don't want to know.

So I created this journal anonymously as a place where I can say what I'm thinking and not worry about freaking out my friends and/or getting myself in trouble.

Here (if I keep at it) you'll find sometimes perverted and primarily sexual and emotional thoughts about my life and what I'm up to.

Primarily sexual because I have no problem opening up to my friends about anything other than the most lighthearted details of sex. And also because I'm planning on using this as an outlet for my teeming sexual energy during the period my girlfriend and I are separated by a considerable distance for a considerable length of time (5000 miles - hence the name "trans" and two continents - hence the "cont").

I would never think of cheating on her or anything, I love her a great deal but I just wanted a place I could put the random thoughts that pop into my head during the course of a day or week or month that might be innapropriate if anyone else ever heard them.

As for me, I'm a guy in his twenties who lives in a large major city and has all his life. I've had lots of friends but in the last few years I've sort of pared them down to the ones who either a) have a great emotional history with me (ex-girlfriends, teenage friends etc.) or ones that I have little emotional history with (buddies, friends from work etc.).

I live at home for various reasons (none of which are particularly fun) and am a bit neurotic (probably because i'm still forced to live at home). I live in my own apartment with a seperate entrance and have my own space which enables me to stay sane.

I've got big changes coming in the future, and I might write about them at some point. I'm at a job which is creatively rewarding but not particularly intellectually stimulating, and I'm heading back to school in the next few years to finish a degree in something that I hope I will still find creatively and intellectually stimulaty at the same time.

Thats it for me. Nobody is reading this anyways. But if anyone ever does. Here's my "mandate" of sorts.
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