transcont (transcont) wrote,


If there's one thing I love it's having my girlfriend bend over and stick her butt in my face. I love the feeling of putting my tongue up inside her while she masturbates.

I'll start off slowly, she lies on her back and I lick her pussy, every few licks pulling her legs up and dropping my tongue down to her bum and then going back to eating her out. After a few minutes I grab her hand and pull it down to her and she masturbates as I focus on her ass, just licking around it at first and then cupping my lips around it and sucking it while she moans and rubs herself harder. Then I start darting my tongue in and out really quickly, she starts talking about coming after a few seconds and then I my tounge dives in, wiggles around and she orgasms, her juice spilling all over my face, my cock in my hands explodes and I come all over the bed spread. Then I climb up the bed, kiss her softly and stroke her hair while she convulses for a few minutes and we can start all over again.

If anyone out there hasn't tried it on their partner, they're seriously missing out.
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